In an effort to assist potential grantees the Buena Vcanstockphoto19321016ista County Community Foundation provides interested grant writers with a Workshop specific to the Buena Vista County Community Foundation.  It is our goal to fund a wide variety of quality projects within Buena Vista County regardless of the experience level of the grant writer.  We believe that these workshops provide grant writers of all levels with an opportunity to hear from the Board specific information on our application process that will increase the potential for funding.

These workshops are about one hour in length which includes a 30-40-minute presentation and 20 minutes of Q&A from those present.  We value the time of our attendees and as such we start on time so if you are planning to attend we encourage you to be there about 5-10 minutes prior to the workshop start time.


DATE:                                  October/November 2016

TIME:                                  To Be Announced – check back

LOCATION:                       To Be Announced – check back

Those who attend the workshop and those who are not able attend the Grant Writer’s Workshop can obtain a copy of the slides from the workshop typically 24 hours after the workshop has ended here on our web page.

Previous workshop slides are also provided here for your information.  Please note that rules for each grant cycle may vary and so information provided in previous workshop slides may NOT be current and no longer correct.  The slides for the current cycle are the most current!