canstockphoto20238212Congratulations, you have been awarded money!  Now the hard work begins as you get to move forward with your project!  As a grant recipient there are a few things that you will be responsible for providing the Buena Vista County Foundation, this page provides an overview of those items and some helpful information.  In addition, to this page please refer back to your notification email which will contain the specific deadlines.

Awards Brunch –  The Foundation has a tradition of sponsoring an awardees brunch for each grant cycle.

Pre-registration for the brunch is required typically two weeks in advance of the date of the brunch.  Your award notice email will contain the specific date by which your RSVP is due.  Pre-registration includes the number of people attending from your organization.

The Foundation provides two (2) tickets for the brunch to each awardee.  You can have additional people attend the brunch for your organization; however, we ask that you pay for each additional attendee at a cost of $10 per person.  Pre-payment of this cost is preferred but we will also accept payment at the door.   Pre-payment can be mailed to our post office box (P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588) in the form of a check made out to Buena Vista County Community Foundation.

PLEASE NOTE:  When reserving your space for the brunch please note that if you are including additional seats you will be asked to pay for all reserved seats in excess of two regardless of if they attend or not.  Our costs are based on the guaranteed attendance, which is based on our pre-registration.

At the brunch we will provide each awardee with a photo opportunity with a “BIG” check that you can use to promote your award.  Typically, you also get your real check at the same time!  The foundation will take pictures of the check presentation and make those available to you after the banquet.  You may also want to bring your own camera.

Grant Agreement – Prior to providing your organization with the actual grant funds each organization will be required to sign a simple grant agreement that outlines your agreement with the requirements of being a grantee.

The Grant Agreement is between you the Grant Recipient and the Buena Vista County Community Foundation.  It does not involve your Fiscal Sponsor, if you are using one.

The Grant Agreement must be completed and signed by the highest official with authority to sign for the organization.  Signatures should be in blue or red ink.  The highest authorized signature is the individual within the organization who can bind the organization to the terms of the Grant Agreement.  For a City this is typically the Mayor, for the County the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, or for a not-for-profit organization the Board President or executive director.  If you have specific questions, please contact us.

Grant agreements can be mailed to our post office box (P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588).  Failure to complete the Grant Agreement will result in loss of the award.

Please Note:  Typically, the Foundation will sign, scan, and email you a completed copy of the grant agreement upon receipt.  If you want an original copy of the grant agreement returned to you, please submit two originals to the Foundation.

Project Extensions – From time to time a project runs into problems that may require an organization to apply for an extension to their project.  All grants are awarded for a project that can be completed within 12 months of notice of award.

Should your project require an extension you should download and complete the Final Report form which also doubles as a request for extension form.  This form should be completed and submitted to the Foundation with an explanation of why the project is delayed, a new timeline for the project that the project organization will maintain.

Project Extension forms can be submitted to the foundation in one of two ways as follows:

  1. You may mail one (1) complete copy of the final report and all attachments to our post office box (P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588).
  2. You mail email a PDF version of the entire report to

The report will be reviewed upon receipt and the organization will be notified by email as to if the extension is granted or denied.  If the extension is denied and the organization is not able to complete the project on time, then all grant dollars provided by the Foundation for this project will need to be returned to the Foundation immediately.

While the Foundation does not typically deny extension requests that right is reserved.  Reasons for why a request for extension might be denied include, but are not limited to, a history of delayed projects, an extension request that is too long, or inadequate reasoning for why the extension is needed.  Your award and signing of the Grant Agreement is a commitment to completing the project within 12 months from notice of award.  The organization should be diligent about completing the project within that time frame.

Final Report – Each grant recipient is required to complete a Final Report before the grant is closed out and the organization is eligible for additional funding.  Please Note: Starting with the Spring 2015 Grant Cycle this requirement is being strictly enforced.

The Final Report form is available on the Foundation’s web page (HERE).  In addition, to completing the form each grantee should submit the following additional documentation:

  • Copies of all receipts showing payment has been made. The cost of all receipts (if multiple you can include a summary document) should clearly show that the organization has spent all grant dollars awarded and all matching funds required as part of the original grant application.
  • Pictures of the completed project.
  • Pictures and copies of all promotion of the project and the Foundations role in the project.
  • Any additional information that the recipient feels is relevant to show that the project is complete and that they have done what they proposed in the grant application.

You may submit your final report in one of the following ways:

  1. You may mail one (1) complete copy of the final report and all attachments to our post office box (P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa).
  2. You mail email a PDF version of the entire report to

When you submit your final report, we will review the report to ensure compliance with your Grant Application, Grant Agreement, and any Grant Extensions granted.  Upon review if everything is found to be in order you will receive an email confirmation of receipt and acceptance of the final report from the Foundation.  If there is anything missing or if additional information is needed you will also be notified by email.

If your project did not spend all of the grant funds provided and/or you did not meet the match requirements of your award you will be required to pay back to the foundation any difference.  Payments should be made by check made out to the Buena Vista County Community Foundation and mailed to our post office box (P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588).  Prior to sending any payment please contact the Foundation.

Future Funding – Grantees are not eligible for additional funding for a minimum of one year following their award (one year is calculated as the next spring or fall grant cycle).  For example, if you are awarded funding in the 2015 Fall Grant Cycle then you would not be eligible to apply again until the 2016 Fall Grant Cycle or any grant cycle after that provided you have not received any additional funding.

Future funding is also dependent on the following items regardless of the one-year requirement noted above:

  • Any previously funded projects must be 100% complete.
  • The Grantee must have submitted a Final Report for all previous grants and the report has to be accepted by the Foundation.

Failure to complete prior projects or use granted dollars for the projects identified in the application will result in the organization being ineligible for any future funding from the Foundation.

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