A – Membership on the board is determined by each community represented on the board and the rural area of BV County.  Rural area representatives are appointed by the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors.  Appointments are appointed without term limits and vacancies occur upon resignation of the board member and/or when the board member is no longer a member of the area in which they represent or when a board member can no longer serve. 

New members are appointed by the City or County from which the appointment vacancy is representing.

Board members while representing various geographically areas of Buena Vista County are asked to serve in a non-biased way and for the benefit of the entire county.

A – There is a known problem with Adobe PDF Documents and certain web browsers including Chrome that prevent these files from opening correctly.  For Chrome users when you download the file your browser is most likely defaulting to the Chrome PDF viewer which is not compatible with Adobe fillable forms.  To work around this situation following these instructions:

  1. In a new tab in the Chrome browser type in “chrome://plugins”
  2. Now look for and locate the Chrome PDF Viewer in the list of plugins
  3. Click the “Disable” button on this plugin
  4. Close the tab and all the settings will be saved
  5. Download and open the application form and you should be good to start using the application

Another alternative if you don’t want to mess with the Chrome settings is to right click on the application download and choose the “save as” option and save the file to your computer and then open the file from there.

A Yes, however, you will not be able to save the application so it might be advisable to type and edit your application sections in a word processing software that you have and then copy and paste the answers into the application file and print. 
A – You were granted funds for a specific project and the funds can only be used for that project, thus you will have to return the funds to the Buena Vista County Community Foundation along with a Final Report indicating that you are returning the funds and why your project was not feasible or did not get completed as planned.
Likewise, if your project was awarded and is now over 1 year (12 months) since the award and the project has not started you are in violation of your grant agreement and you should return the money to the foundation.  You can re-apply later when you project is more likely to succeed.
A – Yes, the foundation will consider requests for extensions to the original six-month timeline provided the grantee is actively involved in completing the project.
In order to receive an extension, you must submit a written request using the Foundation’s Final Report form.  The extension request should include a revised project schedule that the grantee will ensure is met and should not extend beyond another six-month period.  Extensions will be reviewed by the Foundation within 30 days of receipt and the grantee will be notified by email as to the status of their request.
If an extension is denied the project must be completed within the previously agreed upon time frame or the dollars must be returned to the Foundation immediately.
A – No, we simply cannot provide this for all those who potentially would like to take advantage of the service.  Many will board members will help with answering basic questions or if you have a general question regarding the process or if a project is eligible under our guidelines we would be happy to try and answer those questions proposed through our email address well in advance of the grant deadline.
Additionally, the Grant Writer’s Workshop is a good opportunity to address questions to board members as we try to have several board members present at the workshop.
A – No, the complexity of getting feedback from 12 individual scorers and summarizing the feedback for an all-volunteer board is not feasible.  In certain cases, where there is a specific reason the grant wasn’t funded, such as failure to comply with the rules the foundation can provide feedback to the grant writer if asked to do so.
A – We require one original grant application which is kept on file and six copies which are used for review by our 12-person review committee (the board).  The six copies must be exact copies of the original (except if you don’t have colored photographs you can choose to copy in black and white) so that each individual reviewing the applications sees the same application.
Failure to provide all seven applications (1 original and 6 copies) will disqualify the application from consideration.
A – No, all grants submitted to the Foundation become property of the Foundation and will not be returned, including those disqualified.
A – No, the Foundation does not provide applicants with copies of their scores at the end of the review period.  We can provide you with any rules violations that would have disqualified your application or resulted in a reduction of points in the rules scoring portion of the scoring process.
A – Fiscal Sponsors are organizations that have the tax status required to receive funding from the foundation, either a 501.C.3 status or are a City, County, or School District.  If you do not meet the requirements for not-for-profit status as indicated you will need to have a Fiscal Sponsor who, in the event your grant is awarded, will receive any awarded grant funds.  Typically, the Fiscal Sponsor will receive the grant award and then cut your organization a check, thus they act as a pass through funding source.  However, there may be tax implications for the Fiscal Sponsor which they should verify with their Tax Adviser or Attorney.
The foundation cannot issue checks to anyone who is not a 501.C.3 organization in good standing with the State of Iowa or is a City, County or School District.
A – You can check with your tax adviser or attorney or check with the Iowa Secretary of State’s office to determine the current status of your 501.C.3 certificate.  Please note:  A copy of the certificate must be submitted with your grant application at the time of submittal.  Copies of the certificate can be obtained from the Iowa Secretary of State but may take several weeks to receive.
A – Applications for funding are available on our web page during the current grant cycle.  Applications are only received during an open and current grant cycle as announced via local media, on the Foundation’s Facebook page, and here on our web page.  Any applications received outside an open application period will be disqualified and disposed on, they will not be returned to the applicant.
A – The Foundation no longer offers this service.  We strongly suggest that to get the most current information that individuals connect with the Foundation on Facebook and follow us there for the first notifications of upcoming grant cycles.
A – No, currently we do not have a version of the application in Microsoft Word.  We continue to look at this as an option but have not currently developed an application in this format.